Frequently Asked Questions

101 on how to store properly in your warehouse

  • NEVER store boxes, mattresses or furniture on concrete. Most everything you put in a warehouse should be put on a piece of wood, plastic, cardboard or best yet on a palette (we have plenty of palettes, just ask and we can provide a few). Concrete can sweat or get wet in the spring months; your important items should be in a plastic bag if they should not be in a humid environment. If you are concerned with dust you can cover furniture, tables, ect. with old sheets or blankets.
  • Always use a quality padlock. Remember these are your possessions; you probably don’t want anybody breaking your lock off. A quality lock would be a: #2, #3, or a disk lock.
  • Mice can be a problem, do not put any food what so ever in your warehouse. We use a pest control service that comes monthly but it would be a good idea to use your own mouse traps or poison for added protection.

Things you may not know about your vehicle…that you should

Do you know that some vehicles have factory rust protection? The vehicles that don’t may need some protection assessment. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for another 4+ years you should get rust protection before you start driving in the salt.

Do you know that all vehicles built today are painted with a base coat clear coat. This means your vehicle has a very durable, long lasting finish. At this point it needs and will need little care beyond washing and waxing (if you so desire). Think of this clear coat as a sunscreen on your car, it has UV protection in it to keep your car from getting burned and the paint from becoming dull. If you have your car worked on and it needs to be painted it is very important the proper amount of clear coat is applied (in this situation more is not better).

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